About Us

Our Mission

At FaB Educational Coaching, our mission is to help students succeed by providing teens with a holistic, strengths-based approach to navigating a personalized path to higher education.

About Us

Flo Abilheira has been tutoring for over 30 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant College.

Her career started as an accountant, as she has always enjoyed numbers.  After holding a successful career as a Controller for a retail chain, Flo started her own bookkeeping company and began to raise a family.  As her children grew, she was fascinated by watching them learn and grew more curious about different learning styles and abilities. This interest led her to tutoring family members and she quickly gained other students.

Flo then completed a teacher certification program at Providence College. As her business grew and many of her clients reached high school, she noticed the growing gaps in learning, as well as the discrepancy between standardized test scores and student abilities.

This led her to focus on standardized tests, gaining a complete understanding of not only what the test requires but how to help her students reach their goals. Standardized test -Math- discrepancy solved. Next goal, English…

Beth Sullivan is the President of Deep Roots Learning Solutions, Inc. She holds a master’s degree in Special Education, as well as Orton-Gillingham certification in multi-sensory reading instruction. 

After teaching special education for more than a decade, Beth left the public schools to focus on providing customized instruction to meet students’ individual needs.

When she’s not tutoring and teaching, she loves to spend time with her children and her husband. She is a knitter, a baker, and a reader. She is a fan of Muppet movies, minor league baseball, Northeastern University hockey and UConn basketball.